June 5, 2015

Wow. I have been blown away by people's generosity. In March this year, we raised an amazing £115 for WWF's Earth Hour. But this May, we outdid ourselves with the Yoga Nidra and Gong Bath for Nepal. Eventually selecting DEC (Disasters Emergency Committee) as a charity...

September 7, 2014

I copied this article for my own interest from a website during a marathon surfing session, but forgot to note the author. Apologies to them! I found the words very pertinent for where we are now.


All information, all knowledge, all time and space is encoded withi...

September 7, 2014

“The theme for September is CHANGE. The change also comes with a RESET and a chance to do things in your life very differently.


“Whether you are the one making a choice or it is a choice or situation from the outside that affects you, CHANGE is inevitable.



September 1, 2014




Your Body Can Absorb Free Electrons from the Earth


The Earth carries an enormous negative charge. It’s always electron-rich and can serve as a powerful and abundant supply of antioxidant and free-radical-busting electrons.


Your body is finely...

August 29, 2014

Shambala Festival was a great success. I am still recovering from the lack of sleep and the over-stimulation of all the sights and sounds! Thanks to anyone who attended my Gong Bath sessions in the Tribe of Doris tents. It was wonderful to have so many people gathered...

May 29, 2014

“A person does not hear sound only through the ears; he hears sound through every pore of his body. It permeates the entire being, and according to its particular influence either slows or quickens the rhythm of the blood circulation; it either wakens or soothes the ne...

May 27, 2014

I can't help feeling that something is brewing...The atmosphere is clouded, both actually, with rain clouds hanging heavily overhead, and metaphysically. There's a tangible sense of something about to happen. Only time will tell what that is: at the moment, I have no i...

May 27, 2014

How healing works on the human entity is the subject of many debates. Here is an article about Dr Hiroshi Motoyama and his investigations into the Mind/Body connection, and how we all have the potential to heal ourselves.


Dr. Hiroshi Motoyama, a well-known Japanese sch...

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Dr Motoyama and the Mind/Body healing potential

May 27, 2014

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August 29, 2014

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