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A photo of a gong with the Earth symbol in the center

"I'll never be the same again!" 

Duncan McRae, Hendricks Gin

Amazing. Powerful. Relaxing. Rejuvenating. Trance-inducing. Healing. Soothing. 

Just some of the words people use to describe the effects of receiving a

Gong Bath, one of the world's most ancient modes of healing. In fact, sound has been used as a healing tool for thousands of years: and now,  21st Century humans from all walks of life are waking up to its transformative potential as a means of achieving lasting well-being. For the next scheduled event, explore the events calendar here. Click on the buttons below or navigate via the menu bar to explore the world of Earth Song Sound Healing.

Earth Song Sound Healing is changing to Hush Hour, a rebranding that reflects a move into more meditation based and online work. There will still be gongs! and so much more.. Click the button on the left to see the new website in development. The use of Gongs as healing tools first emerged in the Bronze Age. Despite their ancient heritage and exotic appearance, they are perhaps even more relevant now than ever before, as we are all  bombarded with challenges to our health and well-being that our ancestors never had to face. 

In these challenging times, collaborating with a variety of holistic practitioners who share a vision to help improve the life experiences of others seems more important than ever.

There will be  more joint workshops, charity fundraisers and events with Yoga, and other Healing modalities in specially selected venues in London and the UK.  

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Regular Gong Bath and guided meditation events are a great way to deal with stress and other physical issues that arise as a result of a hectic lifestyle. Gong Baths are the perfect partner to regular Yoga practice too... 

Wellbeing at work is being increasingly recognised as an important factor in productivity. Sound meditation sessions are an effective way to reduce stress in the workforce.

This is a group of people lying in a circule around a gong during a sound bath session.
A photo of a gong with the Earth symbol in the center
Photo of us beneath a green tent, attending the Barefoot Festival taht links to additional photos from the event
Our staff setting up the gong for a session held at a workplace

Alicia has initiated and run a humber of events and retreats. Click the button to see a selection of posters from past events, or the Gallery button to view selected snapshots.

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Earth Song Sound Healing  was at Barefoot Festival this year...check the gallery for images...



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