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Integrated sound and

energy healing 

"Two powerful healing modalities

equals one mighty force for well-being!"

In 2015, Alicia Davies and Abigail Caller began working together. Integrated Sound and Energy Healing is the result:  a new way of working that combines the force of sound and vibration with established energy healing techniques. It uses multiple sound frequencies from gongs and focused healing intent  to help restore a person to a state of physical, emotional, and perhaps even spiritual harmony.


As with all forms of healing,  there is a collaboration between healer and recipient. It's a means of allowing someone to trigger their own innate abilities to heal, and nothing is imposed. The very act of showing up for a session is a declaration of willingness  to take part in this process:  combined with the intention of the healers, it creates a powerful impluse towards wellbeing.


The frequencies of the gongs enable Abigail to move more swiftly into deeper work than she otherwise would. Not only that, but Integrated Sound and Energy Healing  has a major effect on the practitioners, too. As Abigail explains:

            "The energy in the room is so powerful that there is so much more  to tap into. The gong sound raises

the vibrations ,  putting me in a healing space where I am more attuned to intuitive guidance and more profoundly immersed in the channelling process. It opens us all up, making It an intense and beautiful collaborative experience." 


For Alicia, working with gongs is a mind-altering experience.

           "The gongs - espcially the Planet Gongs I choose to use - cause me to enter a deeply meditative state in which time appears to stand still.  It's not limited to the gong player either, as many participants report the same effect. "


 The powerful sound frequencies generated by the gongs cause major shifts in the persons' energy fields. 

              "Having Abigail working simultaneously alongside me is like having a Quantum technician fine- tuning that energy until it reaches a state of optimal balance.  It is truly a transformational experience,  and for me, there’s no doubt that our joint intentions combine to create a healing force that is more than double the strength of each of us alone."


Integrated Sound and Energy Healing is usually practiced on individuals, though it is also effective for groups. To claim your first session at a discounted rate of £90                      .            


Normal price for a session is £120 for one and a half hours.


Sessions are based in Abigail's healing space in Brixton, London SW9. 


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