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"The gong ‘bath’ made me feel like I was being played like a musical instrument. The session was deeply relaxing, and I emerged feeling really peaceful and that all was right with the world."

new year, new you - 

restorative yoga and gong bath intensive <

This event has now passed. We sold out! Soon we will be putting together the next one. Watch this space!


Feeling out of sorts or out of tune, and in need of a major life reboot? Coming up at the end of January is a two and a half hour Restorative Yoga and Gong Bath intensive designed to put things right. Restorative Yoga is almost like Yoga Meditation, where long, slow poses are held not so much by physical effort but by the use of props to help the body maintain the correct postures.


Moving gently from pose to pose allows you to explore your mind and body at a natural, stress-free pace. It provides the perfect opportunity to take time out from the frantic activity of everyday life and retrieve a state of inner tranquility,  whilst preparing the mind and body for meditation and deepened awareness.


Restorative yoga could equally be called “mindful yoga” due to the expanded awareness that comes through its practice. Attention is drawn to the physical sensations of the body, the passing thoughts, and the emotions that bubble to the surface -  even the sounds in the environment can acquire a deeper, more profound meaning.


Whatever your personal spiritual beliefs, the practice of Restorative Yoga can lead to a feeling of expansion beyond the boundaries of your physical body towards a  oneness with universal consciousness.  


Combined with a gong bath led by Alicia, this unique workshop is the perfect way to set yourself up for 2016. The Restorative Yoga sessions will be led alternately by Colette, Donna, and Christine.


Date: 31st January 2016, Price: £30

Venue: Yoga Point, 122 Dalberg Road, Brixton, SW2 1AP


For Restorative Yoga enquiries, email
























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