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Emma Finn,



OMG, it was awesomeeeee!  I was so tripped out afterwards, trying to negotiate travelling through London for the rest of the day was pleasantly surreal. Totally rocked. I want another one!!

Doug Manuel, Sewa Beats


"It was a great experience which Alicia facilitated with her heart. It was deep, relaxing, relevant and nurturing – and being surrounded and engulfed by the sea sound of the Gong had an extraordinary lasting impact that bought me closer to myself. Highly recommended!"






" I was impressed by Alicia’s manner, she is very professional and does not dictate what the group needs, but listens for it and responds.   I felt very safe.  During the gong bath, I felt that I was having a conversation with the Earth gong, and I would say the experience was womb-like, very enjoyable and very relaxing. My back had been causing me some issues, and immediately after the gong bath, the tissues felt as though they were of one substance. I could feel it in my lower legs for several days, and my back has given me no trouble at all for the whole week. Brilliant! I will be back."




Though I didn't feel anything specific such as tension being highlighted in your gong session, it was the weirdest thing I have ever heard. I used to listen to the Earth's electromagnetic equivalent on a WW2 radio communications receiver. It was like a bell; always alternating and I can imagine angels ringing bells. The gong was different though and the power behind it truly does remind me - if that's the right word - of the universe's birthing.  Please come back next year :)

Radha Raghubeer


"Thank you Alicia for a most enlightening experience. I felt a powerful, deep emotional resonance, the effects of which I am still experiencing hours afterwards. I thoroughly recommend this healing to all, especially as we live in challenging times. Xxx"

Soraya Khan


Thank you so much for a truly relaxing, uplifting experience.

I was able to walk home with a spring in my step-which my foot has not allowed me to do for a long time! 

Jo Lawrence,



"The gong ‘bath’ made me feel like I was being played like a musical instrument. The session was deeply relaxing, and I emerged feeling really peaceful and that all was right with the world. "

Ben Asare, Ghana Goods


'An amazing hour spent with Alicia, taking us on a guided meditation in the world of the gong. It was an aural journey which started in my brain and the seemed to take me out if my body into a creative and emotional space.'

Paul Brett, Musician, Yaaba Funk

"Alicia gave me a focussed and relaxing yet energising gong bath. Her voice is calm yet clear and the vibrations of the Gong built slowly to an intense energy, then slowly subsided. Waves of energy flowed over and through me. As it was my first time I have nothing to compare it to, but I felt safe and in a controlled yet relaxed atmosphere"

One to One Gong Bath

Group Gong Bath

Group Gong Bath

Group Gong Bath

One to One Gong Bath

Group Gong Bath

One to One Gong Bath

Group Gong Bath

One to One Gong Bath

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