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Working for wellbeing

Workplace wellbeing has suddenly become a buzz phrase, and with good reason. Employees who are stressed and under pressure eventually start to underperform and may suffer problems with health and loss of motivation in their job. In many European countries (Italy, for example, as seem in Michael Moore’s film, ‘Where to Invade Next’), employers see the wellbeing of their workers as an essential part of their regime, in the understanding that production goes up when employees are given ample time to take care of themselves and enjoy leisure and family activities. 


In the UK, there is a growing movement towards a better work/life balance, and as a reflection of this, organisations in all sectors are investing in wellbeing activities for their staff. Yoga and Meditation practices are starting to be integrated into the workplace as valuable tools to reduce stress and increase productivity.


The positive benefits of sound


Of all forms of meditation, Sound Meditation (sometimes called Gong Bath) is possibly the most relaxing, as nothing is required of the participant other than to show up, lie down, and relax into an audio soundscape of amazing depth and power, created live and in the moment. It has beneficial effects on stress, depression, sleep issues and physical conditions such as joint and muscle pain. Each session is organically different, and can be focused towards specific outcomes, such as releasing anxiety and tension.


The instruments used in sound meditation sessions are of ancient origins, but have a history of use for therapeutic purposes that is readily transferable to the 21st Century. Modern medicine makes regular use of sound frequencies to promote physical healing, and the benefits of meditation are increasingly recognised by medical authorities worldwide.


Duration and pricing


  • Minimum duration of any one session: 40 minutes

  • Maximum duration of any one session: 2 hours

  • ,Suitable for up to 20 people at one time, depending on the space available. 

  • If space is limited, several shorter sessions can be arranged over a set time period on the same day.

  • Costs are per person, with a minimum basic charge applied to each session  


To get a quote, email me via the contact form:  


What you will need:


  • A quiet room with enough space for between 10 to 20 people to lie down.

  • Yoga mats can be provided, but staff need to bring their own cushions and blankets I have a limited number of these if extra are needed.

  • Parking and plenty of assistance will be needed to take the instruments into the room where the sessions will take place, as the gongs are extremely large and heavy.


Ideally, the session would take place in a conference room or large office away from regular activities where sound will not be an issue for both attendees and non-attendees. As with other meditation activities, it is best to be situated away from normal office noise in order to have the greatest positive effect. It may be possible to hire a local yoga studio nearby if no suitable room is available in your workspace.


Please note: Gong Baths are contra-indicated in pregnancy and if the recipient has a pacemaker or serious mental health issues such as schizophrenia or psychosis.





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